Why Have I Been Referred to an Endodontist?


The word endodontic comes from the Greek words endo (meaning “inside”) and odont (meaning “tooth”). Thus, an endodontist specializes in dental procedures that involve the soft inner tissue of the tooth, also known as the pulp. Endodontists are dentists who have at least two additional years of specialty training in diagnosing and treating tooth problems involving the pulp. This may include oral and facial discomfort that has been difficult to diagnose. They perform routine as well as complex root canal procedures and endodontic surgery. Endodontics or root canal therapy is performed when damage and infection threaten the pulp tissue.  When damage and infection threaten this vulnerable area, tooth loss could be the eventual result.


If you’ve been referred to our practice by your general dentist, you can rest easy with Dr. Lisa. Endodontists have undergone multiple years of specialty training in addition to the typical dental school education. Our practice strictly performs endodontic care, which means that even complex procedures and surgery are available here should they become necessary. Better yet, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to maximize the success of your experience!


Dr. Lisa Poweski strives to make this experience as comfortable as possible. Her nurturing nature is ideal for children and adults. She looks forward to not only relieving your pain, but helping you enjoy a stronger, healthier smile in the process.



Dr. Lisa is originally from Youngtown, OH. She grew up with a dad who was a general dentist, and worked at his practice throughout the summers. She really enjoyed seeing him interact with his patients.  After completing college and undergoing a General Practice Residency, she realized that while she loved general dentistry, she really wanted to focus on one specific area of expertise. After exploring her options, she found endodontics and fell in love with it after completing an additional residency.


Today, she is still very happy with her decision! Dr. Lisa strives to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Her nurturing nature is ideal for children and adults. She looks forward to not only relieving your pain, but helping you enjoy a stronger, healthier smile in the process.


Dr. Lisa completed her undergraduate degree in 2004 from John Carroll University in University Heights, OH obtaining a B.A. in Economics. She then chose to pursue her Doctor of Dental Surgery at The Ohio State University, graduating in 2008. During this four-year period she dedicated her time to the Ohio Project and Hispanic Dental Association by providing treatment to underserved/at-risk populations. From 2008 to 2010 Dr. Lisa practiced at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Dental Clinic and as an Endodontic Fellow. She received her Master’s Degree in Endodontics from Ohio State in 2012 and was honored with the Student Government Association Faculty Teaching Award in Endodontics.


Dr. Lisa is proud to have successfully completed both the written and oral portions of her board certification. She is currently a member of the following dental organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • Ohio Dental Association
  • American Association of Endodontists
  • Ohio Association of Endodontists – Serving as President from 2016-2017
  • Columbus Dental Society


Dr. Lisa and her husband, Thad, have two young daughters named Mia and Eva. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, doing yoga, and cooking.

Orthodontics is a specialty, limited to the practice of preventing and correcting irregularities of the teeth, as by the use of braces.


Services include Periodontal Surgery, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Soft Tissue Reconstruction, Soft Tissue Grafting, Bone Grafting, and more!


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